Wharton Communication Program

The Wharton Communication Program prepares students for the communication challenges they will face as leaders.

Our mission is to equip students with the tools needed to communicate effectively in a variety of business settings, empowering them to achieve their professional goals. We help students develop their own unique style and create clear, concise, and persuasive business communications. Our approach is built on a foundation in communication theory and reinforced through practice and personalized feedback.

“Invest in yourself. One easy way to become worth 50 percent more than you are now…
is to hone your communication skills.”
– Warren Buffett

Business leaders across industries agree that the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively is essential for success.

Recognizing the importance of this skillset, the Wharton School includes business communication courses as a part of the required curriculum for all undergraduate, MBA, and Executive MBA students. The Communication Program offers over 300 sections of persuasive speaking and writing courses each year. These small, seminar-style courses, taught by experienced practitioners across multiple industries, provide students with hands-on opportunities to apply communication principles in a variety of business contexts.

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