Undergraduate Communication Program

Program Overview

The Undergraduate Communication Program teaches fundamental business communication skills for Wharton undergraduate students. Our primary mission is offering WH 2010 Business Communication for Impact, which is a required course for all sophomores. Additionally, we run the following programs and activities:

  • WH 2010 Teaching Assistant Program
  • Business Speaking and Writing Center
  • Workshops and Trainings

The goal of our program is to guide students in their transition from academic to business communication. Most students are unprepared for the communication challenges that they’ll face in their first job. By developing these skills now, we set our students up for early success in their careers.

We know this because countless surveys find that employers most highly value writing, speaking, and listening skills – which are often lacking with recent graduates. And that trend will continue. A 2023 study by McKinsey found that communication skills – such as storytelling, public speaking, synthesizing messages, and active listening – will remain a foundational skill in the future world of work.

By developing these essential business communication skills for our students and stakeholders, the Undergraduate Communication Program plays a key role in developing the business leaders of tomorrow.

What We Do