Business Communication Resource Library

The Business Communication Resource Library is an online collection of resources to develop your business communication skills. These resources include tip sheets, tutorials, infographics, videos, and model examples.

This Library emerged from WH 2010: Business Communication for Impact. The goal is to extend the WH 2010 curriculum beyond the classroom. The resources in this Library are designed to support you throughout your entire leadership journey: in Wharton, internships, and your early career.

Learn the Fundamentals

Communication Basics

An overview of the principles from WH 2010 Business Communication.

The Communication Development Strategy

Use this 4-step process every time you write or speak in business.

Planning Your Presentation

Watch us plan a presentation in just three minutes.

Communicating Concisely

Learn to craft business messages that are simple, sufficient, and uncluttered.


Use our self-editing checklist to improve your writing efficiency and effectiveness.

Enhance Your Skills

AI for Business Writing

Understand the risks, benefits, and strategies for using AI in your business writing.

Handling Q&A

Follow our guide to avoid common pitfalls during Q&A.

Documenting Sources

A guide to citations in business that strengthens your logos and ethos.

Video Interviews

Look and sound your best for your next interview or meeting on Zoom.

Team Presentations

Follow these tips for a collaborative and seamless team presentation.