Program Overview

The Graduate Communication Program offers multiple persuasive communication courses as a part of the first-year Core and Flexible Core MBA curriculum. Our speaking and writing courses are the only seminar-style courses in the required curriculum, with an average class size of 8 students per section.

The goal of the Communication Program is to help students become more skilled communicators and thus better presenters, public speakers, and writers. Through theory and practical application students develop effective persuasive communication skills, discover their personal communication style, and strengthen their confidence. Students learn from skilled practitioners and receive one-on-one coaching from our second-year Communication Fellows.

The MBA Communication requirement has three components that must be completed in the students’ first year:

  1. MBA Writing Requirement. Students are required to take an online writing waiver exam the summer before they arrive at Wharton. Those who do not waive the requirement must take our WHCP 6210 Clear and Persuasive Business Writing course in the fall of their first year (Q1 or Q2).
  2. The Fixed Core Communication Course Requirement, WHCP 6110: Management Communication, valued at 0.25cu. Students complete this speaking course in the Fall of their first year (Q1 or Q2).
  3. The Flexible Core Communication Course Requirement, valued at 0.25cu. Student must complete one advanced communication course (WHCP 6120, 6150, or 6240) in the Spring of their first year (Q3 or Q4).

All components: the writing requirement, WHCP 6110, and one advanced course must be completed by all students.

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If you have any questions regarding the Graduate Communication program, contact Antionnette McDermott.