Wharton Communication Fellows Program

The Wharton Communication Fellows Program provides an opportunity for a select group of second-year MBA students to serve as peer mentors for students enrolled in Management Communication courses. Fellows’ primary role is as teaching assistants in the fall and spring fixed-core and flexible-core MBA communication courses, where they provide coaching and feedback to their first-year peers while also strengthening their own communication skills. Additionally, Fellows have access to enrichment programming offered through the Wharton Communication Program, including Fellows-only workshops and community-engagement opportunities.

Selection of Communication Fellows is a competitive process that begins in candidates’ first year of the MBA program. Students must be nominated by their communication instructor to be considered. Instructors identify and recommend students for the program based on their communication skills as well as their demonstrated ability to provide useful feedback to peers during in-class speaking assignments. Nominees are then invited to formally apply to program. Students who apply for and are selected to the Wharton Fellows Program are appointed as TAs for the entirety of their second year in the MBA program.

Our 2023-2024 WHCP Fellows Leadership Committee (left to right): Crysti Wang, Joe Nyhan, and Jennifer Loh

For additional information, contact Nathinee Chen (nathinee@wharton.upenn.edu).