WH 2010: Business Communication

for Impact

WH 2010 will prepare you to communicate effectively as you pursue your educational, professional, and personal goals. The course covers all types of business communication: spoken and written, formal and informal, prepared and spontaneous, online and in person. The curriculum also incorporates feedback from Wharton employers, alumni, and business leaders to ensure a valuable experience for students.

In developing your business communication skills, WH 2010 teaches audience analysis, outcome-based thinking, structure, persuasion, concision, visual clarity, and more. These soft skills are sometimes undervalued by students – but not by employers. In fact, a 2019 study by Cengage found that employers value soft skills (65%) more than technical skills (50%)

Ultimately it is these skills – not your content knowledge — that determine how high you rise in your career. The goal of WH 2010 is not to help you land your first job, but rather to excel in it.