Teaching Assistant Program

Undergraduate teaching assistants play in integral role in Wharton 2010: Business Communication for Impact. Junior and Senior TAs are in a unique position to share the impact that effective business speaking and writing skills have made in their internships and throughout Wharton.

In addition to modeling communication skills in the classroom, TAs assist instructors with class management, technology and facilitate student activities. TAs continue to develop their own business communication skills through their work with students. For example, TAs lead one class every semester and provide one-on-one mentoring.

Members of the cohort also engage in professional development activities and leadership projects at Wharton such as Family Weekend and the bi-annual Letters to the Vice Dean Presentation.

TAs are invited to join the cohort every semester. Instructors nominate promising WH 2010 students in the Fall and Spring semesters. Applications are evaluated by a team of current WH 2010 TAs using a double-blind review process.

2023-2024 Leadership Board