Attendance at each class is very important. Any unexcused absence will have a negative impact on your grade. A student with more than 2 absences (for any reason) cannot pass the course.

Please note: You will not be able to graduate without receiving a passing grade in this course. Should you receive a grade of ‘F’ in a speaking course, you risk having this grade remain on your transcript even after repeating the course in your 2nd year and receiving a passing grade.

If you fail a speaking course, you will be required to retake it in Q1 (for WHCP 611) or Q3 (for WHCP 612 or 615) of your 2nd year. Registration for the repeated course will again take place via Course Match. If you are required to drop a course in order to take the WHCP section, you will not recoup the Course Match budget expended for the course you dropped.