Wharton Writing Challenge demo

About the Challenge

keyboardWharton’s Writing Challenge provides students and executives with personalized critique of their writing outside of traditional classroom settings.  Everyone participates online.  People write, receive critical feedback on their writing, and are ranked against their peers.  The programs objective is to show every participant how he or she can improve as a writer.  

Overview and Objectives

onlineStep 1: Write an entry on a given topic.

Step 2: Review Entries of other and provide Qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Step 3A: Learn how peers evaluate your writing.

Step 3B: Score peers on “helpfulness” of their feedback.

Objectives for Students:

  • Receive anonymous feedback on their writing from peers.
  • Learn about their strengths as a writer, and as a reviewer of others’ writing.
  • Use insights from the Challenge to request writing help tailored specifically for them.

Round 1

Round 1: Write an Entry

Students are presented with an essay prompt, and must respond in approximately 300 words.


The following is an example from Fall, 2010.  Click on the samples to read more.


Round 2

Round 2: Provide Feedback

Students provide anonymous quantitative feedback on all report they read. On some reports they provide qualitative feedback. Click the screen shots below for more.

Round 3

Round 3: Read Reviews and Rate Feedback

Students read anoymous reviews from their peers. They can use these insights to tailor writing instruction to their particular needs. Students can work with a writing instructor from Wharton’s Communication program, or access online writing resources.


After every phase of the competition, students can see points earned as a writer and reviewer, and their standings among their peers. MBA students write three reports and complete three rounds. The icon below shows the screen that greeted a student fortunate enough to progress to the semi-final round for writing.